Participant: Eugene Thacker

Technique: Cut-up automata. Each of Amerika's thirteen definitions were assembled into a single text file and put through an open-source CGI/Perl cut-up machine based on William Burroughs' techniques (explored in novels such as Nova Express). Only the words originally used by Amerika were used in this cut-up (no extraneous texts were included). Each of the thirteen recombined sections were then applied in sequential order as new definitions of Amerika's thirteen terms.


Site Specific: interpreting raw data while devouring Time to doctor depths

Environmental: when history the right time the right time and accepting your scripted Professors refuse to in the right idea-things, but the idea-things in themselves, ovulating it as if it were your own

Conceptual: multitudes, virtuality guaranteed (no hidden extras)

Performance: an eerie feeling that a blurrrrrr lifestyle when alternative to death time and accepting your fate

Literary: "Autobiography the multitudes (no hidden way of making a the right time and accepting your fate guaranteed

Relational Aesthetics: not thinking its own rhythm, its own 13 words refuse

Appropriation: a symbolic analyst interpreting from it all

Art in Public Spaces: brute force with nothing to impulse not performed by the multitudes, depths

Dematerialization of the Art Object: determining what can right time and accepting gain (keep hope alive)

Aura: that knowingly and everything to gain (keep closer to reality than fact."

Outsider: well scripted Professors refuse to doctor that even well scripted

Large Glass: not in idea-things,

Mainstream: determining what can no playing roles that Time in a blurrrrrr lifestyle